The Music Depot will sell your used P.A. Systems, Microphones, Pianos, Keyboards, Guitars, Basses, Drums, Band Instruments, etc. on consignment! You set the price, and we sell it for you! You keep 80% of the selling price OR we’ll give you a store credit** of 100% of the selling price to be used toward purchase of any merchandise in any of our 3 stores.

* Some suggested guidelines for consignment items:
When you decide to sell your merchandise with The Music Depot, we will help you determine the selling price of your old instruments and equipment. Our Managers will put as much energy into selling your consignment merchandise as with the rest of our merchandise, but since ultimately the consignor decides the selling price, some consignments sell more quickly than others. In order to help avoid your item sitting unsold in our stores, below you will find some guidelines for pricing that will help you sell quickly and get the most for your items.

  1. Be sure not to overcharge for your items! – Make sure that you are not asking as much for a used items as for a new one of the same brand and quality. Even for an item in mint condition, a price of 30 – 35% below the normal price of the new one would be considered reasonable, and would help insure your consignment is sold quickly.

  2. Make sure the item is clean and has all working parts. – Customers generally will not pay top dollar for items with missing or broken parts, or that have obvious signs of neglect or long term storage. Be sure to replace any missing or broken parts, and to dust or polish your items before putting them on sale.

  3. Set a bottom price range with our Manager. – Since we take a percentage of the selling price, naturally we will sell your item for as much as possible, but if you want to provide some flexibility in the price – tell our Manager the least you’ll take. It’ll be marked on your consignment ticket, but not on the item – allowing the Manager to negotiate your selling price if necessary.

** A Note about Store Credits:
Store credits issued as a result of sale of your consignment merchandise cannot be used on pre-existing accounts or purchases made prior to the sale of consignment items.